Reogranising the Kitchen

Instagram post and Facebook event cover pictures
Organised by Feminist Translocalities

(Berlin, August 2023)
-смещенная активность+
(collective zine-exhibition)

Cover design
3 spreads feature story (art commission)
Published NCCA North-West (St.Petersburg, 2020)
Диалог Искусств №4/2019 / Dialog of Arts Magazine №4/2019

Cover and illustrations (invited artist), 2019
O, Zine, You Are the World

Exhibition poster
Facebook Event cover art
Designed to be printed on a poorly registered riso

Book Graphic Library (St. P, 2019)
Promo postcards for Where Are We? show

Eine Kleine Kunsthalle (St.P, 2019)
For 'Horizon-19' exhibition, North-7 art group

Digital graphics series featuring quotes from collective's texts and pictures from collective group trips and residencies. The exhibition marked 10 years anniversary of the art group

The New Museum (St.P, 2019)
A princess doesn't (give a) shit

Animated promo for Facebook Event
Ta-Da artist run space (Copenhagen), 2019
The Whole World Was Not Accessible to My Gaze

A series of exhibition posters
Caryllon gallery (Fort Worth, TX, 2019)
Master Key Exhibition Promo

Facebook event cover art